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Halton Trinity 

Methodist Church, Runcorn

140 Years of Halton Trinity

Here at Halton Trinity we are celebrating 140 years in our current Church building, although the Church Society dates back a lot longer, when this building first opened in 1875 it was built by a local business man called Thomas Hazlehurst who built 12 Methodist Chapels in the local area, this being the last of his still in regular use in Halton.

To celebrate our history we have already held a series of special events including a birthday service with celebratory meal afterwards and cake on our birthday. We have also had displays and talks to celebrate the churches vast history both here in this building and as the Halton Village Methodist Society and our Minister, Rev. David Hamflett, went on BBC Radio Merseyside's Breakfast Show to talk about our vast history, which you can see here.


100th Anniversary Book

40 years ago when we were celebrating our 100th anniversary the Church produced a special book full of the history of the book during its 100 years celebration in 1975. The book looked at the history of the Church as the building and the congregation and community. It also looks at the present age as well as briefly looking at the future of the building and the Church and it is well worth a look.

When the book first came out 40 years ago it would have cost you 40p to purchase, or £3.73 in todays money, but as part of our 140th Anniversary we have digitally re-mastered this book into an online digital copy for you to enjoy.