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Halton Trinity 

Methodist Church, Runcorn

Baptism Celebrations

Here at Halton Trinity we have a long and proud tradition of baptising both children and adults into the Church and the kingdom of God. The first recorded baptism taking place here in the Church dates back to 1875, Since then we have baptised over 3500 people.

With over 140 years of experience performing baptisms within the community this has been an integral part of our church and the residents of Runcorn. Since the first baptism we have welcomed people of all ages into the church through our baptism services, which have been performed by our Minister and Baptismal Secretary.

Here at Halton Trinity our congregation will be delighted to welcome you and your family into the church to celebrate your family members entrance into the church and kingdom of God.

Halton Trinity is the perfect location to have your family member baptised, with the church's ability to seat up to 150 guests the church is ideal for families with a larger congregation witnessing the baptism.

When being baptised at Halton Trinity we welcome you and your family to come along to any of our services prior to the date of the baptism in order to experience the church and meet our congregation before the date of the service. 

For a more relaxed visit to the church you are welcome to come along to [email protected]:30, which is an enjoyable occasion where we serve bacon butties, toast and Tea, Coffee or Juice. It is also a great location to meet some of our congregation and enjoy a bite to eat in this family friendly environment.

Here at Halton Trinity we do not charge for baptisms, However any donations made would be gratefully received and would go towards covering the cost of the baptism and supporting the church and the work which the church takes part in.


Arranging a Baptism

We have a variety of ways that you can contact us to arrange a baptism for your child, you can use our online form below or any of these three options



01928 898595


Halton Trinity Methodist Church

Main Street



Holding a celebration after?

If so then our Church Hall could be the perfect location for you to use, at half the price of other locations. What's more you don't have to travel to another location once you have celebrated the Baptism of your child in our Church. Our Hall is able to cater all size parties, with onsite facilities including tables, chairs, cutlery, Plates and catering facilities we are able to offer for a reasonable price.

For more information please speak to Rev. David who will be able to assist you. 


Our Baptism Commitment

Halton Trinity Methodist Church has a commitment to make your baptism as memorable as possible so that this can be a memorable day for the whole family. To help us with this we have the following in place.

  The church and grounds are completely smoke free.

  We ask that Mobile Phones are turned off, or placed on Silent,  for the duration of the service.

  We ask that flash photography is left till after the service when you can pose for pictures.

  The front row, in front of the font, is reserved for the Parents and Godparents.

  Seats are laid out so that every seat offers a clear view of the Baptism.

  The church uses an Audio System and Hearing aid amplifier to ensure that everyone can hear.

  The church has full disabled access. Disabled toilets are also located near the entrance hall.

If you require any help on the day one of our stewards will be on hand to assist you.