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Halton Trinity 

Methodist Church, Runcorn

The Community

Here at Halton Trinity community is very important to us we are all part of the local community and our groups, events and services are open to everyone to come along and enjoy any time of the year no matter who you are.

We have a variety of events and groups which are open to everyone to come along and attend, even if you don't attend a service, our church is home to a variety of fun groups which call our church home each week. We also host events which are also open to members of the community.

On this section of our website you can view information on the Groups which call the church home. All of our groups have their own page so be sure to check them out to find out more information including how to join. We also have an events page where you can view events which we have coming up, Tickets to which can be purchased from the Shop*.

If you would like to use our church hall to either hold your own group or event we can assist you by contacting our property steward by e-mailing your details and the group/events details to [email protected]
We will work with you the best that we can in order to support you can get your group, or event started and attracting people.

* Where applicable.