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Halton Trinity 

Methodist Church, Runcorn

Looking for a place to hold an event?

If you are looking for a place to hold your event the Halton Trinity could be the perfect place for you.

Our church hall is the perfect size to hold even a large event with ample space to host a variety of different events. In the past our hall has been used for many events of all varieties including Bingo, Quizzes, Coffee Days, Performances, Birthdays, Meetings, Charity Stalls, Choirs and many many more. The hall also has a lounge with comfy chairs and coffee tables which is connected via a serving hatch to the Kitchen. The church has chairs and tables which can be used for your event. Our stewards are also available to assist you in anyway which they can.

The Hall, Kitchen and Coffee lounge all recently received a refurbishment thanks to the support of several parties who have funded and carried out the work to improve the facilities which we have and offer to our guests. The biggest refurbishment took place in the Kitchen which was completely ripped out, repairs carried out and then refitted with all new equipments and furnishings. The Kitchen has proven to be a fantastic improvement with many of our groups using the it as well as serving tea, coffee and biscuits after our weekly service.

The Hall and lounge have been painted creating a clean, fresh, look to these well used rooms in our church. The Hall also benefited from the Kitchen upgrade as two separate storage rooms and a new seating location where created through the funding which we received. This new seating area also contains comfy chairs, coffee tables and is located in a smaller room which can be closed to the rest of the church for a more settled and relaxed area for meetings and other smaller activities.

Please email our property steward at [email protected] and set the subject as Property c/o Jim Tomlinson for more information or to organise a date for your event.