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Halton Trinity 

Methodist Church, Runcorn

Our Mission Statement

We seek to worship God and serve him in this part of Runcorn by:

Worship ~ providing a wide range of worship to suit everyone.

Fellowship ~ maintain and encourage others to join present fellowship groups and to develop further fellowship opportunities.

Learning ~ offer membership preparation on a regular basis, do all we can to support our junior church and bible study classes.

Ecumenical Links ~ build and develop on links with local, circuit, district and national churches, of all denominations.

Ministry of Care ~ continue our ministry of care through our pastoral workers and weekly prayers.

Welcome ~ actively welcome all who come to share in worship, other activities and local families.

Service and Outreach ~  support and maintain groups, and work with the local community.

Property ~  maintain the property to enable us to fulfil our calling, regularly review risk assessments as well as health and safety.

Accessibility ~ we aim to ensure that our church is accessible to all.

Ministry of God ~ affirm and value who serve in our church, and those in the community who use our church.