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Halton Trinity 

Methodist Church, Runcorn

NHS Donor Scheme

Here at Halton Trinity we are proud of our choice to become an official NHS 'Donor Church'  which means that we are supporting the NHS in its national Organ and Blood Donation schemes which could help save a persons life and change the lives of many more people.

Christianity and Organ Donation are two very separate things and the scheme aims to bring them together and inform people of how you can worship God and still donate your Organs after you pass away.

Here at Halton Trinity we are the only Methodist Church to have made this decision and we have leaflets and information in the Church to help you decide whether  or not this is something that you would like to do and the steps on how to go about doing it.

We also have a Donor Scheme Coordinator, Hayden Hodgson, who you can speak to about these choices and what is best for you and how to go about this life changing decision. 

Hayden is here to answer your questions on Organ Donation and will support you throughout your decision and can even help you join the register if this is something you would like to do.

You have full choice in this and can decide what to donate and what you don't, you can even remove yourself from the list if you decide to change your mind later on in life.