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Methodist Church, Runcorn

Renoovo Design

Renoovo are a professional web design company based in Teesside. "We are also Christian's and love to do what we to further God's Kingdom and support and bless the Church" - Taken from the company.

Jonathan from Renoovo, one of the company directors, recently contacted us and offered the company services after seeing our website and following us on Twitter.

Thank you to Jonathan and Renoovo for all of your help.

Renoovo Report

" Firstly I want to say well done. Your website looks clean and modern and has plenty of white space." - Jonathan

Renoovo Said
 Our Action
Your website is not mobile responsive. This means that 40% of internet users wont have an optimised experience when visitng the webiste from a mobile or tablet device.
We are currently looking into ways of making the website work better on such devices. 
On the homepage the three large images which look like they should be clickable and lead somewhere... but they don't.
 We have now fixed this issue and updated these images. They now all link to their pages.
Under "this weeks service" on the homepage the text alignment is all out.
 This issue has been reviewed and allignment ammended
You still have an Easter slide on your website and we are now two weeks past Easter.*
 This has now been replaced and updated.
You can seat 100 for a baptism and 150 for a wedding.
This has been ammended.
You have some nice big pictures on some of the pages (like the bacon sandwiches) but a rather small one on the wedding service page. You need to sell how lovely your building is to those brides-to-be!
 We are currently in the process of taking new pictures for the website, as well as updating the weddings page.
After clicking a group, the standard navigation (main menu) is replaced and we are taken to a separate website.
This isn't good practice as users won't realise the change and expect the main menu to stay in place. So they don't know how to get back to the main site.
 We have now included all of the groups onto the main site and closed the existing groups website to make navigation easier.
Each group has its own page which can be reached on our navigation bar on each page.
The youth club page the text alignment looks odd.
 Following the move over to the main website all of our groups pages were resorted to improve the alignment issues.
 URLs and emails would look more professional with for example. Something you also raised.
 We have moved to, although the will sill take you to the same website.
e-mail is now also being used (e.g [email protected])
 I can not purchase dierect from the shop online.
 We have now added a buy online feature to the shop.

As a final note God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit don't get a mention anywhere on your website. I suggest adding a belief statement page called "we believe" or something like that - .we are currently looking into this.

Once again many thanks to Renoovo and Jonathan.

* As of April 29th 2014