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Halton Trinity 

Methodist Church, Runcorn

Services At Halton Trinity

Here at Halton Trinity our services are open to anyone who would like to join us during our weekly Sunday services. Each week our service is led by either our minister, Rev. David Hamflett, or one of our local preachers. A full list of the upcoming preachers can be found below.

Services are held each week at 10:45am and are followed by refreshments afterwards in the coffee lounge, the perfect place to sit down and get to know our congregation, maybe even make a new friend. During this service we also have our Sunday School where young ones can go and make and play whilst learning about God and Jesus with our Sunday School leader Dr. Christine Allen.

Once a month we also hold an early morning communion service at 9:30am, this is held before our 10:45am service and is perfect if you want to come into the Church and take communion without having to listen to a sermon or sing Hymns. Of course yo are more than welcome to stay for both if you wish.

Our Holy Communion services are held here, usually, on the third Sunday of each month, although we recommend you see the preachers plan below for the dates, Communion is led by Rev. David Hamflett and is assisted by the Steward on Duty. Unlike some denominations of the Church anyone can come and take communion with us.

Here at Trinity we also offer Baptisms and Weddings, please visit our Baptism and Weddings pages for more information on these services and to arrange a date for your special service. Funerals are available through request with the Minister.

Preachers Plan for Halton Trinity ~ October to December 2015

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the new plan not being updated on the website.

Preachers Plan for Halton Trinity ~ July to September 2015

July 2015

  5th July ~   9:30am ~ Rev. David Hamflett (EMC)
                     10:45am ~ Mr Barry Catlow
 12th July ~  10:45am ~ Rev. David Hamflett (AAW)
 19th July ~  10:45am ~ Mr Peter Johnson
26th July ~  10:45am ~ Rev. Ian Rigby

August 2015

 2nd August   ~   9:30am ~ Rev. David Hamflett  (EMC)
                        ~  10:45am  ~ Rev. David Hamflett & Rev. Linda Catlow (CS) (HC)
  9th August  ~  10:45am  ~ Mr Paul Wilks
 16th August  ~  10:45am  ~ Mr Peter Davidson
23rd August  ~  10:45am  ~ Rev. David Hamflett  (HC)
30th August  ~  10:45am  ~ Mr Ken Martin

September 2015

  6th September ~   9:30am ~ Rev. David Hamflett  (EMC)
                                 10:45am ~ Rev. David Hamflett
 13th September ~  10:45am ~ Mrs Anne Hanks
20th September ~  10:45am ~ Rev. David Hamflett   (HC)
 27th September ~  10:45am ~ Miss Sian Davidson


(AAW) ~ All Age Worship

  (CS)    ~ Circuit Service

(EMC)  ~ Early Morning Communion

 (HC)    ~ Holy Communion